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Sheltered housing in Hornchurch is increasing with the commencement of a new residential block for Ogilby Housing Society Limited.

Back in 2007 A.W. Hardy & Co Limited provided a new residential block for Ogilby Housing Society Limited and the experience was good enough on both sides for another development to be successfully negotiated in 2018.

The new scheme maintains the same style of brick-built housing with pitched roofs and concrete roof tiles that was previously erected and will be done under the supervision of John Burke Associates and Brand Consulting. Once complete, the £1.6 million scheme will allow Ogilby Housing Society to extend their provision of private rented accommodation to their clients through the addition of 7 new flats and 2 new maisonettes set in a new landscaped context with improved perimeter walls and railings.

A.W. Hardy & Co. Limited are looking forward to providing another auspicious housing development and are pleased to have renewed acquaintanceship with this valued client.