This ambitious sports hall project not only enhanced facilities for the Lancaster School, but it also provided essential services for people within the community who need hydrotherapy, such as stroke victims and people with disabilities and debilitating illnesses.


State-of-the-art facilities

The sports hall has a reception area at the main entrance, along with medical and staff facilities. This area leads to four changing rooms, disabled facilities and storerooms. The ground floor contains a 250 square metre gym studio and a separate hall, which is large enough to accommodate five badminton courts. The multi-functional facility also provides a two-storey flexible space, also featuring basketball courts and cricket nets.

Modern, innovative and sustainable

The project involved the safe demolition of the existing classroom structure. A new brick and steel structure comprised bespoke and high-specification facilities and equipment, including a hydrotherapy pool. This has a fully adjustable hydraulic floor, allowing for changing water depth. In addition, there is a fitness room, a spa, changing rooms, plus office and welfare facilities

The project included various environmentally friendly features, including solar panels which heat the pool. The roof is partially covered with ‘green’ sedum, which helps to conserve energy by insulating the building while fostering biodiversity.